The rose stands for the family with faith and love for those who serve, 
They're held with the highest respect for that's what they deserve.
A yellow ribbon is for the loyalty waiting for those serving abroad, 
As we pray that they're watched over and kept close to God.
An inverted glass represents that the fallen can no longer toast, 
They cannot be an honored guest or such a gracious host.
A lemon wedge represents the bitter loss of the fallen soldier's life, 
That causes so much pain like the sharp edge of a knife.
The salt is put in place for all the loved ones' shedding tears, 
For the soldier is no longer present to help calm our fears.
The candle stands tall for the blood that the soldier shed, 
It holds a place of honor and represented in red.
The empty chair symbolizes the missing comrade who isn't here, 
Now it stands alone for the voice that we can't here. 


Richard Davis

- Navy

Albert Hayter

- Navy

Stehpen Ireland

- Navy

Bobbie Ferguson

Wife of Past Commander Bill Ferguson -